Fit Club

We’re extremely excited to roll out our new Fit Club!  We've received several inquires about how to encourage and teach fitness by many of our families.

Exercise is important for physical and mental health in general. For individuals with developmental delays, it has the added benefit of increasing the skills in which they are lacking such as balance and coordination.  Vigorous exercise is associated with decreases in stereotypic self-stimulatory behaviors, hyperactivity, self-injury, aggression, and destructiveness.  It can also improve social opportunities with less emphasis on verbal interactions and can help moderate medication side effects.  Exercise promotes weight loss, can help with greater and earlier tendency to be overweight.  It establishes routine (who doesn’t like routine?)  and increases levels of happiness and improves self-esteem.

Our club will focus on 3 different levels of fitness.  Individuals will learn basic fitness skills such as core strength, cardio exercise, and strength training in a fun and motivating environment.

An assessment by our Fit Club Coach will be required prior to participation.  For more information or to register, submit a request form here.